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Do you want to inspire your audiences with a richer understanding of the human condition and how to work, live and play in a more healthy and productive way?

Peter presents a down to earth approach that is both entertaining and informative, heart warming and chuckle invoking. Peter gets to know your audience needs so he can relate to them personally with humility, honesty and a straight-up, relevant message.

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Each speech topic can be explored in greater depth in a conference breakout seminar or a full-day professional development training or pre-conference seminar.

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Journey to Everest: The Unsung Heroes of Servant Leadership
Celebrate and Inspire Hardworking Human Service Professionals
                 More on this Uplifting Speech

This uplifting speech celebrates and inspires unsung heroes in the human services profession by getting to the
bottom of an unforgettable journey to the roof of the world. Peter didn't make it to the top of Mt. Everest. The truth of life is that not everyone touches the pinnacle of the world’s greatest mountain or ascends to be boss of a great organization. This is a story about the rest of us, the hardworking professionals behind the scenes who succeed when others succeed. Even those who achieve great heights like Sir Edmund Hillary have their team of nameless unsung heroes (350 Sherpas helped him conquer the summit!). It’s high time to honor these dedicated and under-appreciated servant leaders who give tirelessly and trust that in small way we can make a big difference by supporting others through the ups and downs of their “everyday Everest” challenges. This presentation celebrates the journey of life and it’s infinite possibilities for love with professionals who dedicate their time and talent to serving others – whether for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

Themes: Adventure, Empowerment, Legacy, Motivation, Recognition, Servant Leadership, Team Spirit

Ideal Audience: Highly sought after topic as conference closing keynote for its renewed call to go forth and serve
with joy. Appreciated by hardworking front-line professionals and leaders in the people business of making a difference through compassionate and effective service, care and program delivery. This speech has an option to conclude with a heart-warming and uplifting closing slide show featuring conference delegates as unsung heroes.

Energizing Work For Professionals
Manage Your Energy, Transform Your Results!                                              More on this Energetic Speech

Organizational performance is individual performance. Successful people who excel at energy management perform
at peak potential while maintaining balanced and focused dedication to the best in self, others and results. This invigorating presentation will help hardworking professionals explore fun ways to live and give with gusto through delicious mastery of the four dimensions of energy. Every one of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors has an energy consequence, for better or for worse. The ultimate measure of our lives and our legacy is not how much time we spend, but rather the quality and quantity of energy we invest in the time that we have. Learn strategies
to charge up yourself and your team to be radiant with light hearts, fresh faces and bright ideas that ensure less conflict, loyal team dynamics and greater customer service. The best outcome of renewed and focused energy and revived passion for our labors is that we will have more joyful energy at the end of the day to share with our family.

Themes: Communication Skills, Life-Work Balance, Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Lifestyles, Motivation, Productivity, Self-Leadership, Service Excellence, Stress Management, Wellness

Ideal Audience: Ideal speech to pump up hardworking professionals and dedicated achievers seeking more passion to take them from good to great in everything they do. Appreciated by weary and stressed front-line professionals and managers who may have "lost the plot" and by leaders who value rewarding their people for an initiative, challenge or change accomplished.

Seven Keys to Unlocking Employee Engagement
Strategies to Maximize the Culture of Human Potential                                More on this Engaging Speech

Maximize the culture of human potential with seven innovative, research-based solutions to the chronic problems of employee disengagement and emotional disconnection that all too often implode good people and good organizations.

Job, Career or Calling? How can we find for ourselves, and help others to discover, deeper meaning and greater happiness in our daily labours beyond pay day and TGIF? This proactive speech showcases ways to create a greater experience of engagement by promoting enriched emotional connections between employees and their organization, colleagues and service. People who are tuned in and aligned with others naturally produce more vibrant, inspired and memorable care, programs or service. We will explore seven key principles that build happy and inspired people who eagerly self-manage and actively seek ways to move from perspiration to inspiration. Passion for professional success will be reaffirmed as we walk the talk of full engagement and make a difference by how we create, grow and serve.

Themes: Attitudes, Best Practices, Diversity, Healthy Choices, Engagement, Leaders, Loyalty, Motivation, Retention

Ideal Audience: This speech is designed for managers, leaders, human resource and career development professionals dedicated to developing the best in self and others by creating high performance and inspiring workplace cultures that employees are proud to speak highly of with clients, friends and neighbours.

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