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"Peter Davison received a spontaneous standing ovation at the conclusion
of his heartwarming and inspirational closing keynote speech, "Journey
to Everest: The Unsung Heroes of Servant Leadership."
The audience of life and health insurance claims officers attending our annual CLHIA conference appreciated the celebration of their important roles as unsung heroes, as they work diligently to make a difference in the lives of Canadians. Peter's closing slide show featuring our participants and inspiring visuals made the keynote address a great success and a wonderful closing high note."
- Irene Klatt, Vice President, Health Insurance, Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc. (CLHIA)

"This was the second time Peter has spoken to our team of financial investment consultants and I would have him back again and again! He was wonderful and his message is very timely for our changing and competitive industry. From my newest consultants to my most senior consultants Peter had us laughing, touched to tears and most importantly inspired to continue making a difference for our clients! One of my Senior Consultants shared that Peter was one of the best speakers he had seen in his 36 years as a professional! If you are looking for a down to earth presenter to motivate you and your entire team then I encourage you to book Peter for your next meeting. Since speaking to us I have already used some of his tips and strategies which have reduced my stress, re-ignited my passion and helped me to focus on the big picture again. And the red nose trick really does work….I haven’t had a headache since! Whether it’s learning to get out of your own way, dealing with difficult people, or keeping stress in check, you will pick up skills and tools for a lifetime from Peter's Yak Tamer programs   - Anjali Jensen, Regional Director, Halifax South Shore, Investors Group

"Peter Davison brought a unique brand of energy to his Quest for Employee Engagement presentation to our group. He had the audience laughing, cheering and even some shedding a tear of inspiration during his talk. It was a refreshing break from the business topics that our delegates had been hearing."

- Bob Elliott, President, Canadian Printing Industries Association

"When Peter spoke on the topic of Energizing Unsung Heroes at our National Heath Services Convention I was totally impressed by his commitment to understanding the audience and the level of involvement he undertook to make his remarks real and meaningful to our delegates. Peter was able to talk to the heart of the challenges our staff face each and every day and to remind us all why we chose home care as our field of work in the first place."
- Barbara Toccacelli, Director of Human Resources and Communications, We Care Health Services Inc.

As a leader, it can be challenging to provide professional development opportunities that appeal to the wide diversity of large team. Peter delivered an exceptional team building event that was fun, relevant and worthwhile for everyone. The feedback I heard from the team was extremely positive – it was just the boost they needed. Everyone enjoyed Peter’s “down to earth" and funny stories and life lessons that truly made them stop and think about their own attitudes and behaviours. Thank you Peter for getting to know the group in advance and for helping our team have a great experience together!
- Colleen Fahey-Budd, Manager, Treatment Authorization Centre and Special Authorization Unit, Federal Administered Programs, Medavie Blue Cross

Peter's presentation to spa owners at our event was right on target. He was able to inspire and engage our delegates, providing tools to improve not only ourselves personally but those around us. I would recommend Peter to any organization looking for an uplifting, honest and inspirational speaker.
- Dawn Hueston, Executive Director, Leading Spas of Canada

"Thank you very much for your powerful "Energize 212" presentation to our associates last week.  Your passion on the topic of people giving that extra effort and having balance in our lives was clearly evident!  It was a very moving presentation with great examples that hit home with every one of us. Thanks for bringing us back to reality and helping us find that balance we all need."
- Mike McGraw, IDC Financial Atlantic

"Peter, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of the Harbourfront 2008 AAIB Convention. The delegates at our biannual insurance broker's convention thoroughly enjoyed your double header of dynamic, interactive education programs.  Both topics, "Energizing Work for Professionals" and "Everest Unsung Heroes" offered practical tools and useful perspectives that support our roles as hard working independent professionals. You gave us just the boost we needed to keep focused and balanced in these challenging times."
- Jean DuGas, Education Committee Chair, Atlantic Alliance of Insurance Brokers Convention 2008

"Peter Davison brings calm, inspiration and guidance to his seminars. The National Association of Travellers' Centres, Ireland have had the pleasure of experiencing Peter’s Inspirational Leadership Training on many occasions - the message always stays true... We are all valuable people who have an important contribution to make in our lives, our loves and our work. Peter is like a good book or film…he comes highly recommended!!"
- Liz Loftus, The National Association of Travellers’ Centres, Ireland

"Peter has the ability to energize the audience and give you a better perspective on life. You feel an active part of his presentation. It is a pleasure to listen to Peter and realize we are all connected and as such
we can make our work, our lives and the world a better place. I look
forward to hearing Peter speak again. Thanks again!" 

Dean Cox, President of the Board, Canadian Society of Nutrition Management

"Peter delivered his keynote speech "Journey to Mount Everest" and tied it into our conference theme "Navigating the Tides" a conference for workers in the pension and benefits industry. His unique blend of humility and passion was shown throughout his power point presentation. The presentation included photos Peter had taken of our delegates during the conference as well as photos from his journey to Mount Everest. His speech was uplifting as well as inspiring and the theme "unsung heroes of servant leadership" very well presented how we are all heroes in the work we do and that we are an inspiration to those we serve. Bravo Peter!"
Sharon Santalucia, Conference Chair, Canadian Pension and Benefits Institute, Atlantic Chapter

"Jeanie Cockell and Peter Davison customized a program for our fast growth company that engaged all staff in giving input to our strategic direction and the further development of the company's vision, mission and values. They used the Appreciative Inquiry process that was highly interactive and very effective in inviting staff and management to build on what is vital, effective, and successful in our company. By all accounts, everyone was highly motivated to contribute during this fun interactive engagement process that values everyone's contribution. I highly recommend Jeanie and Peter to organizations ready for deeper employee engagement and who are seeking a dynamic and meaningful process that can help move your company from good to great."
- Ray Ritcey, President, Heritage Gas Limited

"Peter seems to exude what he tries to impart on those of us fortunate enough to 'hear' him....peace within!  Peter's, "How to Energize Your Work" presentation was a great addendum to our staff's Annual General Meeting.  We were impressed with his ability to customize and incorporate his message to our specific corporate culture.  Especially with his anecdotes that spoke directly to a very specific group of our employees, as well as all groups within our company.  He provided practical ideas for taking care of our personal 'current affairs', to enable us to have improved safety, greater staff participation and a happier work place."
- Gail Virgin, Supervisor, Employee Services, Saint John Energy

"During these hectic times, it's more important than ever to be reminded that finding a work/life balance is essential. Peter Davison is the right fit for a day of rejuvenating outside the office environment. Peter shares his passion for
celebrating life and carries a message that needs to be heard."

Jim Ferguson, CEO, PEI Public Service Commission

“We were thrilled to have Peter come to our workplace for Healthy Workplace Month to celebrate the unsung heroes in our organization. Peter engaged staff and provided a much need break through the Energizing Health Professionals session.  There was a lot of smiling and laughing in the room.  Thanks Peter!”
- Laura Smith, Workplace Health Promotion, Capital District Health Authority

"Peter Davison approaches his work and the people he meets with respect and genuine curiosity. He has conducted several workshops for staff and students at the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada and was adept at tailoring his comments and written material to our specific issues and needs. Listening was demonstrated by Peter and not just discussed as a good communication tool. At the workshops, we met the goals we wanted to address and had fun while doing it. There are tremendous opportunities in life and Peter helps individuals and groups to uncover them."
- Dr. Ralph C. Martin, Director, Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada

"The staff were greatly moved by your workshop, all said they wished for more time, and I have found your workbook out in some unusual places. I walked into the transportation office the other day and there it was on top of the computer. When I asked about it they told me that yours had been the best workshop they had ever been to and they just liked having the workbook out to remind them and to read. Your work is so wonderful. It brings so much truth and heart into the world. Thank You a million times!!!"
- Charlotte Davis, Program Director, Alicante School, Sacramento California

"Peter presented the BRAVO (Building Relationship and Valuing Others) Program with a steady compassion that respected individuals where they are at to find the courage to grow new possibilities from their personal concerns, dreams and ideas. Our Indigo Program participants are high school drop-outs, people in conflict with the law, and single moms -- and they are also women working very hard to make changes in their lives. Participants came away from Peter's presentation holding their heads up a little higher, feeling respected and appreciated for who they are and the gifts they have. Examples of take away's include, "Anything is possible -- even for me!", and "If you're open-minded and don't stereotype others, you can work with anyone." I believe if everyone related to these young women the way Peter does, we would put an end to youth violence and self-hate."
- Jen Melanson, Indigo Project Manager

"Peter Davison shared his "Living Well" message with humor and his touching diagnosis story that engaged everyone at our Regional Parkinson’s Conference with hope and strength. While evaluation comments such as, “When do we get to hear him again!" and "He was the best motivational speaker I have ever heard!” reflected his impact, a lasting heartwarming outcome came two months after the event. A couple wrote us to share the impact that Peter’s presentation had on their relationship.  They laugh more and talk more than they ever had before.  They even continued to wear the fun clown noses that Peter introduced to ensure they smiled every day.  With lasting results like this, I am pleased to highly recommended Peter if you want a powerful speaker with an incredible message of hope."
- Tracey Jones,
Manager, Programs and Services, Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario

"Peter Davison tells a great story and uses humour well to set the stage for audience interaction.  He has a comfortable way of bringing people, even a large group of people, into a practice of healthy dialogue about strategies for wellness and healthy relationships."
- Andrea Caven, Program Coordinator, Division of Volunteerism & Non-Profit Sector, Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education


"Peter Davison's "Energize" workshops and closing keynote "Everest Journey: Celebrating Unsung Heroes in Public Service" were warmly received by the managers looking for ideas and insights who attended our Forum. Peter's inspiring stories and practical strategies boosted our desire and ability to walk tall and strong on our career paths as we conduct the nations business. It was a bonus that many managers commented on their renewed pride in being part of the Canadian public service. I highly recommend working with Peter for exceptional results!"
- Kelsey Fredricksen, Regional Coordinator, National Managers' Community - Manitoba Region

"Peter received a standing ovation from the 300 WorkSafe NB professionals who had the pleasure of experiencing his "Journey to Everest: Celebrating Unsung Heroes" presentation. Beyond the laughter, inspirational stories and interactive activities, Peter reminded us all that what we do really makes a difference to the health and safety of countless people in our province."  
- Edith Savoie, Human Resources Director, Worksafe New Brunswick

"On our overall conference evaluations Peter Davison scored 115%! How do you score over 100?, because people felt compelled to check “Highly Satisfied” numerous times, and rightly so. Peter’s closing keynote was the perfect wrap up to our conference, and left people feeling energized, motivated, and appreciated. The standing ovation he received, and the smile on delegates faces at the end showed that Peter had hit the mark. I wore my clown nose all the way home to keep the positive feelings flowing. Thanks for being a very special part of one of our best conferences ever!
- Rob Frost, NSCDA Conference Chair 2011

“Our team had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Peter where he led us through a workshop aimed at reducing stress in the workplace. He masterfully facilitated the session blending a variety of activities that created a huge buzz throughout the team.  We left the workshop energized, refreshed and ready to get on with our work Thanks for the inspiring and motivational afternoon. “
- Craig Collins, Principal, NSCC, Lunenburg Campus

"As a team, working in Addictions and Detox, clients can be a challenge. You helped us to see things in a new light, and to remind us of what is important in life. I know we also felt more valued as individuals after your presentation as well - the compliments have still been rolling in about you and your workshop - everyone loved it! It was nice to be reminded of how we too are important human beings, as we often lose sight of that since our job requires us to put so much focus on others. You were genuine in your interactions with us, even sharing personal stories with us that showed you too are not perfect - you're simply a person just like the rest of us. I think that really made the group relate to you more as we all seemed like equals. I loved how the activities not only made us think but also made us feel, from tears to laughter. You have great charm and warmth, and I thank you for that - you opened up something inside me that I had forgotten even existed. We are truly better people for having you come into our lives!
- Tasha Carr, RN, Addictions Services, Detox In-patient Treatment, HorizonNB

"Peter Davison received a standing ovation at the conclusion of his "Quest for Inclusive Workplaces" keynote speech at our PWGSC Atlantic Diversity Forum. It was apparent that his address touched many of the people in the room. Peter exceeded our expectations by making the forum the success that we achieved."
- Wendy Smith, Co-Chair, Atlantic Diversity Forum 2008, Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)

“Peter’s contributions to our conference were highlights of the program. His mid-afternoon laughter energy booster was so much fun and provided a wonderful counterbalance to all the sitting and mental focus involved in professional conferences. The increased energy level in the room was palpable, as was the positive shift in everyone’s mood.

Peter’s heartfelt and moving presentation on the four dimensions of living well with chronic disease was extremely powerful. Through bravely sharing his own journey, interwoven with stories, humour and inspirational quotes, Peter connected with the audience in a very special way. I am sure his words and the emotions they evoked will stay with the healthcare professionals who heard them and influence the way they interact with their patients in the future."
- Denise Connors, Manager Chronic Disease Prevention and Management, Horizon Health Network

"Thank you for being the motivational speaker at our Professional Development Strategy Conference. Your presentation was deeply moving and encouraging. We appreciated your reminder that real heroes are not necessarily the ones ‘on top of the mountain’, but are those who bend down and help others get there. We loved hearing about some of your own personal challenges and how you overcome them every day. Thank you for inspiring us to face our own challenges with courage, humour and clown noses!"
- Elaine Frampton, Communication Design Coordinator, Literacy Nova Scotia

"Peter brings a contagious enthusiasm and energy to his presentations, his message of recognizing and acknowledging the contributions of all the unsung heroes has made an impact on staff of all levels. Peter truly lives his definition of success by making many lives breath easier through his inspirational message."
- Eric Beaulieu, Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer, New Brunswick Department of Health

"Peter Davison received a standing ovation for his “Living Well” closing keynote at our Parkinson’s: Moving Forward conference. His presentation was so very positive and uplifting – a fantastic way to end the conference! Delegates gave Peter one of the highest ratings of all the speakers – and they loved the red noses!! Some of the many comments included: “Excellent person to give us an entirely different viewpoint regarding the handling of our challenge”, “Brilliant mix of heart and soul,” “Very, very entertaining and light hearted. Funny and bang on with his message of living well!”  I would highly recommend Peter as a speaker for any conference where participant’s need inspiration to move forward with courage."
- Diane Robinson, CEO, Parkinson Society British Columbia

"Peter's message was thought provoking and left our participants feeling energised and most importantly valued. His delivery of the Energise Your Work program was funny and a great addition to our forum.  Peter is truly a gifted speaker with the charisma of making everyone feel like he is talking to them personally.  I would recommend Peter to anyone who asks!  Thanks again Peter."
- Jaime McKeown, Coordinator of the Litigation Forum, Canada Revenue Agency, CPP/EI Appeals Division

"Peter is such an amazing, hardworking and creative individual. His "How to Love your Work" series was very successful as part of the Career Journey Series we offered with JCTC. He delivered 5 sessions back to back within a 2 day period and he never lost his spark and enthusiasm. His experiences and stories are extremely inspirational and I highly recommend him and his programs."
- Jodi LeBlanc, Regional PEI-JCTC Coordinator (Joint Career Transition Committee)

“In viewing Peter’s beautiful website and speaking to him on the phone I was given a glimpse into the kind of person he was and the type of keynote address he would give. Nothing prepared me for meeting him in person and seeing his presentation! Peter is a well spoken, kind man with a strong message reminding us all of the power within us. His talk, sprinkled with stories and photos from his life, really moved the entire group and helped us to remember the difference we make every day in children’s lives. Unsung heroes were encouraged!!
- Colleen Foreman, Administrative Coordinator, Early Childhood Care and Education NB

"The theme of your presentation "Love Your Work" was certainly a big
draw, as it was one of our biggest meetings in the history of the Chapter. From the many comments heard following the session, your presentation was excellent. Your style captured everyone's interest throughout and the activities were quite varied, from the paper-pencil questionnaire, to the washer and string 'experience', to singing a thought provoking song.
Thank you for making the HRANB breakfast meeting very valuable for
our membership."
- Rachelle Gagnon, Moncton Chapter President, Human Resources Association of New Brunswick 

"Nurses, like many other care-giving professionals, give and give and keep on giving until they are drained. In the face of a world-wide nursing shortage, they work more hours with less systemic support and they are TIRED! Our members who participated in Peter Davison's "Energize Your Work" seminar came away rejuvenated and empowered with simple and effective tools to help them boost their energy levels and regain a positive outlook on their work, having embraced his message that it is important to look after themselves before they can give of themselves to others." 
- Kendra Gunn, Executive Director, P.E.I. Nurses' Union

"Peter Davison has been a well received presenter at many of the Nova Scotia Career Development Association Annual Charting the Course Conferences.  Participants who have attended the workshops have commented regularly on the inspiration they receive from listening to Peter's innovative and practical ideas. I would highly recommend Peter's workshops for those seeking inspiration and practical application of his talks in career development and other organizations and employment settings."
Clarence De Schiffart, Career Development Specialist - NSCC and Former Conference Chair - NSCDA

"Your BRAVO—Building Relationships and Valuing Others presentation was awesome. The staff really got a lot out of it – your immediate feedback data is indisputable—I saw the faces exiting the room and they were moved and thoughtful. The staff commented that when they returned to work they could tell by looking at the faces if their co-worker had been to the work shop yet. The energy level after the work shop and on returning to work was off the charts.  Staff are still mentioning “stinky thinking” so some of the messages resonated. Thank you for holding up the mirror of reflection and reminding us about choosing our attitudes and valuing our co-workers."
- Cathy Komourdjian, Jean Brown, Diane Joseph, Gayle Ashe and Sharon Matheson, Wellness Grant Committee, Cape Breton Regional Health Authority

"Our community was thrilled with Peter's BRAVO message. His BRAVO concept encourages communities to Build Relationships and Value Others. Peter's Algoma tour included presentations to high school students, frontline workers at our annual domestic violence conference, and an evening presentation to the community at large. His messages were inspiring to people of all ages and backgrounds. Peter really made people feel like they could make a difference, and that being virtuous is very cool!"
Sharon Vanderburg , Chair, The Algoma Council on Domestic Violence, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

"Peter provided an outstanding program of reflection and action on how to deal with difficult people, with a "side-helping" of team building. My staff and I took away insights, and nuggets of inspiration, that will enhance our workplace and benefit our clients. We found that Peter's thoughtful, yet humorous, style made a warm environment where it was easy to explore such a heavy topic. It was a wonderful program!"
- Lisa MacDougall, Coordinator, Job Search Services

"In the face of ongoing change and heavy workloads Peter Davison inspired our District 1 Continuing Care team to be the best we can be.  Peter led our team through a series of session that focused on health and well being.  He left us with practical skills and tools to support our relationships with others and appreciate what each of us bring to the team.  We recognize to be the best we can be everyone needs to be involved and take responsibility.  Our team is actively engaged and committed to making a difference in the way we approach our work and the people we work with!  Thank you Peter for being a part of this transformation."
- Wendy McVeigh, District Manager, Continuing Care Branch, Department of Health


"Our Maritime conference for medical laboratory technologists featured Peter Davison offering a pre-conference workshop called BRAVO (Building Relationships and Valuing Others) to a sold-out audience. We purposely invited other health care professionals because in our ever-changing health care system, we believe that everyone, whether we are nurses, doctors, LPN's, social workers, lab technologists or managers, needs to work better together for the sake of our patients. Peter's BRAVO presentation united us with practical skills to work together as a team, strategies to cope with stress, and tools to more effectively communicate. The best part was we had lots of fun doing it!!! Thanks Peter!"
- Rosalie Richard, Conference Co-chair, Maritech 2008

"Peter's session on 'How To Energize Your Life' was informative, interactive and thought provoking, not to mention, at times hilarious.  His approach was serene yet commanding.  Peter's presentation was gender neutral and age irrelevant and appropriate for many, many groups of people.  His presentation was enjoyed by all of us who attended and we would strongly recommend him as a 'must see'".
- Lesley Peddle, D.D. Transport Limited and Lynda Dowden, Eastcan Transport Ltd., Spouses Program Co-Chairs, Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association Annual Meeting

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