How do absentees, collusions, negative attitudes, and lost sense
of "service above self" take a debilitating toll on your leadership desires and team thrive-ability?



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"Peter Davison received a standing ovation at the conclusion of his "Quest for Inclusive Workplaces" keynote speech at our PWGSC Atlantic Diversity Forum. It was apparent that his address touched many of the people in the room. Peter exceeded our expectations by making the forum the success that we achieved."
- Wendy Smith, Atlantic Diversity Forum 2008, Public Works and Government Services Canada

"Peter Davison brought a unique brand of energy to his Quest
for Employee Engagement presentation to our group. He had the audience laughing, cheering and even some shedding a tear
of inspiration during his talk. 
It was a refreshing break from
the business topics that our delegates had been hearing."

- Bob Elliott, President, Canadian Printing Industries Association


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Keys to Engaging People For Service Excellence
Strategies to Maximize the Culture of Human Potential

Are you a Conference Planner, C-Level Leader, Manager, Supervisor, HR Professional, Team Leader or Trainer looking for fresh ideas to energize and motivate employees in your organizations?



The business case and your return on investment from deepening your employee's engagement is simple: Happy, devoted and earnestly skilled professionals stay longer and serve better. They are easier to manage and your organization's street reputation builds, for your customer, as THE place to get service and results and, for your employees, as THE place to work and grow. This presentation highlights key insights and strategies for proactive leaders who want to productively engage your people. Bonus: Participantís will each receive links to implementation resources as well as a portable stress buster device to ensure you maintain peak physical and emotional resilience for the good work that lies ahead.

Themes: Attitudes, Best Practices, Diversity, Healthy Choices, Engagement, Leaders, Loyalty, Motivation, Performance, Stress Management, Retention

Ideal Audience: This speech is designed for managers, leaders, human resource and career development professionals dedicated to developing the best in self and others by creating high performance and inspiring workplace cultures that employees are proud to speak highly of with clients, friends and neighbours.


The training modules explore seven practical, research-based solutions to the chronic problems of employee disengagement and emotional disconnection that all too often implode good people and good organizations. Common sense, backed by research, tells us that employee engagement is THE vital factor driving high performance, loyalty and service excellence in any economy and with any generation. This proactive presentation series showcases seven key principles that create a greater experience of engagement and enriched emotional connections between employees and their organization, colleagues and service.

When people are engaged beyond pay day and TGIF they get tuned in, turned on, and aligned with others to naturally produce more vibrant and memorable care, programs or services. Happy and inspired people eagerly self-manage and actively seek ways to move from perspiration to inspiration. Leaders can then best use their time to shift from carrots and sticks daily management to building the organizations prosperity and contribution to the community.

The Seven Keys to Engagement training program is offered in a variety of formats including lunch and learns, half or full-day or multi-day training seminars and conference break-out sessions. Participants will explore the application of 7 keys for unlocking employee engagement. Content may be custom designed to address specific pain, passion or priorities unique to your organization and to resonate with various audiences serving in the corporate sector, public service, professional associations and non-profit/voluntary organizations.

To explore adding value to your strategic planning  roll-out, AGM, staff recognition event or all-force / team training with speeches, webinars, lunch and learns or customized training, Click Here to Contact Peter Today ►  
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Program Objectives and Benefits

The following key strategies explore universal themes that appeal to all generations in the workforce with practical knowledge, skills and particularly attitudes needed to deepen engagement and maximize the culture of human potential for greater individual, organizational and community prosperity.

1. WELLNESS: Promote Healthy Choices
Our personal magnetism is influenced by our ability to manage all four dimensions of energy. How we stay on top of our game physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually determines the power we have to invest inside and out.

2. BELONGING: Celebrate What Unites Us
People are multi-dimensional beings and so to are the ways by which we connect. The more we experience and celebrate genuine unity the more willing we are to give our best with fresh faces, light hearts and bright ideas.

3. RECOGNITION: Appreciate Virtues of Character
As blood is to life, communication is to living. How and what we say either builds or defeats, unites and divides, diffuses or escalates. People grow richer inside, become closer and desire better when appreciated and recognized.

4. TRUST: Strengthen Team Harmony
At the heart of every good relationship is a deep well of trust. Through the dynamic use of social and emotional skills we can improve trust and create more profitable client and staff relations.

5. RESPECT: Honour Others by Resolving Conflicts
Our choices in relationships with others affect our capacity to inspire honesty. You will learn to dissolve resistant tension, see people as people, be in right relationship to achieve peace of mind and better results.

6. PERSPECTIVE: Employ Open-Minded Attitudes
Our attitude determines our altitude and our mindsets determine how we cope with stress, manage change, engage problems, judge others and foster creativity. Attitude is contagious, let's make it worth catching.

7. SERVICE: Activate Talents to Make a Difference
Our greatest legacy gift is our passionate dedication to serving something bigger than ourselves. When we align our talents, skills and values towards a collective cause or goal we inspire loyalty, passion and certainty in others.

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