Setting Up The Company Hero

Employees often relate to other employees. In some cases they will even relate to management and when this does happen the Company should capitalize on this.

Who Is The Company Hero?

There are several different employees who may fit this description. They are usually the ones who connect well with the employees. They may be a senior employee or they could even be lower-level management. This is the individual that usually the employees share their concerns with and will turn to for advice.

Taking on the Role

If the company wants to really capitalize on what this employee has to offer then they need to work closely with this individual. Putting them in charge of seminars and motivational meetings. Just by the company recognizing them in this role will allow the employees to accept them in the same manner.

The company at the same time cannot interfere with the relationship that this employee is forming with the workers.

Motivational Meetings

There should be opportunities for this hero to be able to speak to the workers all at once. It should take on the appearances of a motivational engagement. During this time the speaker can share their experiences with the workers. Obviously this speaker has had great success with the Company and sharing how they achieved this will be a great motivator for the others.

Workers should be given the opportunity to engage with the speaker so they can share their individual concerns or talk about issues they themselves are facing. Potential solutions may be found and this will encourage others to come forward as well.

Aside from an inside employee being a speaker, it does a company well to bring in other speakers. Speakers that may be able to address additional issues that are outside of the work environment. However, these issues may have an indirect effect on other circumstances in the employees’ lives. Debt is a good example.