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"Peter's message was thought provoking and left our participants feeling energised and most importantly valued.  His delivery of the Energise Your Work program was funny and a great addition to our forum.  Peter is truly a gifted speaker with the charisma of making everyone feel like he is talking to them personally.  I would recommend Peter to anyone who asks!"
- Jaime McKeown, Coordinator of the Litigation Forum, Canada Revenue Agency, CPP/EI Appeals Division

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BRAVO (Building Relationships And Valuing Others) Programs

Seminar Modules or Conference Breakout Workshop Topics offering a whole person approach to help your attendees enrich
relationships, deepen employee engagement and help them apply attitudes to maximize
the culture of human potential for the greater good
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TOPIC 1: How to Energize Your Work!
 Enhancing Balance, Harmony and Gusto
Successful people who excel at energy management perform at peak potential while maintaining balanced and focused dedication to the best in self, others and the results. We will explore fun ways to live and give with gusto through delicious mastery of the four dimensions of energy. Results include more joy to take home to family.

TOPIC 2: How to Wake Up Happy!
 Your days are your life in miniature, rise and shine!
The quality of your awakening determines the quality of your day, the quality of your days determines the quality of your life and your service to others. Bad sleep can impact decision making, stress coping abilities and the quality of relationships at home and work. This program shares seven steps to satisfied slumber.

TOPIC 3: How to Stress Smart!
  Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you think about it.
People donít react to events but rather to our perception of events. Mind flex and open to new dreams and ideas with the 10/90 principle. Your brain believes what you tell it so letís stress smart and redirect creative tension in your favor so you can thrive, rather than just strive in life and work. Attitudes are contagious, letís make yours worth catching.

TOPIC 4: How to Increase Team Spirit!
 What if work was play?
Experiential activities connect participants to their playful side to enhance vitality, inspiration and wellness. Easy skill initiatives engage everyone's hands, feet and brain to stimulate endorphins and a team success buzz. Featuring interactive games, laughter yoga and 12 things you can do with a portable stress-buster device.
Learn to stimulate and reveal each team members unique communication style, cooperative ability and personal leadership approach.

TOPIC 5: How to Deal with Difficult People for Good!
  Other people are not failed attempts at being you.
Our choices in relationships with others affect our capacity to inspire trust. You will learn to dissolve resistant tension, see people as people, and be in right relationship with family, coworkers and clients/ patients You will achieve more peace of mind and better results by creating and maintaining quality connections as you choose

TOPIC 6: How to Talk True and Inspire Yes!
  Blood is to life as communication is to living.
The main problem with communication is the assumption itís been achieved.
You will practice communication strategies that truly connect with and value families, coworkers and clients or patients. You will learn to be a
ďYes, andÖĒ person and reinforce gifts of character to dramatically increase recognition, appreciation and trust.

TOPIC 7: How to Find Whatís Good
  Uplifting whatís right with your world
Walking the talk using the Appreciative Inquiry (Ai) process helps you and others experience a genuine sense of engagement by celebrating whatís good and what works best in life and at work. Ai helps you wholeheartedly participate in what matters most by
building on what is vital, effective, and successful in our lives and organizations.

TOPIC 8: How to Succeed at Dreamweaving
  What you think about you bring about
Reclaim your personal & professional dreams and live more intentionally with abundance. Discover the 3 step method Peter fumbled upon that brought him a triple crown of fulfillment despite challenging health setbacks. Rise and shine to celebrate life and its infinite possibilities for love because the easiest way to realize your dreams is to wake up.

TOPIC 9: How to Put Service Above Self
  Celebrating unsung heroes to pay it forward
How you derive fulfillment by serving the greater good comes alive when you succeed as others succeed. You will learn tools to boost the BRAVO culture of human potential and reclaim greater responsibility for your career path and willingness to serve others with joy. Everyone has an instrument to bring to the vast orchestra of humanity, play strong.

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