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"I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited immensely from my consultation with you. Your directness was like a splash of refreshing salted ocean water - so greatly needed but a little tinged - it is within the tinged portion that I benefited the most."     - Previously Blocked Writer/Lawyer

"My personal coaching sessions with Peter provided me with a safe confidential, contemplative space where I could begin to see the potential in all of the chaos and to find comfort and peace through the tending of my personal garden (self care and self love). Every human being needs this process and support at some time in their life. I was very fortunate to receive Peter as my life journey personal coach." 
- Field Operations Manager





Ready Set...

How to Get the Most out of Your Phone Coaching Session

1. Clear Physical and Mental Distractions
Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and take time before you start to center yourself and focus on your intention. Use breathing or other mindfulness techniques to become present.
Click here for breathing and meditation ideas.

2. Participate with Integrity and Honesty.
Speak from your heart and risk to share openly to the level of your comfort and ability.

3. Trust the Process.
Come from the place that there is an extraordinary conversation waiting to happen and that learning will happen when and how it will happen not always in the form we think it should. Be open to adventure, mystery and new self discoveries.

What You Need to Know


- Your regular meeting day is <day TBA> from <time TBA>
- I will call you at the best number to reach you that day.
- Your commitment includes a learning cluster of 4 weekly 30 minute phone meetings.
We will review your progress and intention every 4th meeting.
- There may be homework which you can do, negotiate or ignore.
- Please cancel or reschedule with 24 hours advance notice where possible (emergency exceptions). You will be charged for any sessions not attended without notice.


- Please make cheques payable in advance to <Peter Davison Innerwealth Seminars>
and mail the total amount for a 4 session learning cluster to Peter Davison, 66 Doyle Street, Bedford,  NS Canada B4A 1K5
- Your investment in a 4 session learning cluster is a minimum commitment.
- Your cheque will be cashed after the 1st session in each learning cluster.

My Responsibilities
- To hold in trust everything we share as confidential.
- To be absolutely straight up with you in pursuit of your very best, always.
- To open up different perspectives, shine a light, present possibilities, help you see what you may not, listen for what's not being said or dig deeper than you have gone before.
- To support and challenge you to flow and grow as nature intended as required in pursuit of your very best and most magnificent self.
- To help you uncover what it is that you truly want and then help you to confidently go after it.
- To not give you the answers but demonstrate that you have the answers in you and show you how to get those answers.

The coaching process begins the moment you make the commitment. Be open, aware and mindful to any new ways of seeing your situation and your future between coaching sessions.  Everything serves.

Feel free to contact me with questions.
Thanks and I look forward to exploring with you how I can help you on your path.



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