Dreamweaver: A Guide to Intentional Living

The Dreamweaver DVD is a labour of love. It was created for you because I have a dream that at least a 1 million people could benefit and be inspired by the message to believe in something beautiful — themselves.

The stories are humbling personal journey of how my life did a 180 degree turn after accidentally discovering a simple, practical plan to become successful at weaving our deepest dreams into our everyday life. This secret I humbly and wholeheartedly share with you.

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The 60 page Dreamweavers Companion Guide to Awakening Intentional Living.

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Energizing Professionals

Organizational performance is individual performance. Successful people who excel at energy management perform at peak potential while maintaining balanced and focused dedication to the best in self, others and the results. In this invigorating presentation, hardworking professionals will explore fun ways to live and give with gusto through delicious mastery of the four dimensions of energy.

Every one of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors has an energy consequence, for better or for worse. This presentation features lively members of the Canadian Home Care Association with the universal message that we all need life juice to give our best.

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Journey to Everest: Unsung Heroes

This uplifting speech celebrates and inspires unsung heroes. This audience of pension and benefits providers truly look after others through the ups and downs of their "Everyday Everest" challenges.

The video features the Everest slide show and a heartfelt and honest sharing with folks I have come to greatly respect and admire. This presentation celebrates the journey of life and it’s infinite possibilities for love with professionals and other good people who dedicate their time and talents to serving others – whether for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Bonus: Learn how to tame YAKS that threaten to knock you of the path. Yaks of "stress," "Difficult People," and Stinking Thinking" are explored.

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Quest for Inclusive Workplaces

This interactive presentation explores the employee engagement key of creating inclusive workplaces. Work cultures that invite us to be our best are alive with creativity, eagerness and laughter.

We will explore greater employee engagement by celebrating genuine diversity through experiences of welcoming, appreciation, recognition and the art of seeing people as people on a daily basis. Attitude is contagious — let’s make it worth catching

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Seven Keys to Unlocking Employee Engagement

This proactive speech showcases ways to create a greater experience of engagement by promoting enriched emotional connections between employees and their organization, colleagues and service.

People who are tuned in and aligned with others naturally produce more vibrant, inspired and memorable care, programs or service. We will explore seven key principles that build happy and inspired people who eagerly self-manage and actively seek ways to make a difference by how we create, grow and serve.

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How to Deal With Difficult People For Good!

This self-study instructional audio CD is based on the belief that difficult people are not failed attempts at being you.

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Our choices in relationships with others affect our way of being and our capacity to inspire trust. You will learn to dissolve resistant tension, see people as people, and be honest in relationships with family, coworkers and clients. Achieve more peace of mind and better results by creating and maintaining quality connections as you choose.

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How to Wake Up Happy & Do What You Love!

This self-study instructional audio CD is based on the belief that your days are your life in miniature. The quality of your awakening determines the quality of your day, the quality of your days determines the quality of your life and your service to others.

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Bad sleep can impact decision making, stress coping abilities and the quality of relationships at home and work. This program shares seven steps to satisfied slumber.

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Guided Meditations and Other Inspirations

Disk 1: Inspired Living
This disk is a compilation of my best guided meditations including my now infamous “How to Seduce Chocolate” meditation as well as delightful spoken word poetry to inspire youthful creativity.
Disk 2: Fulfilling Work: Enticing insights featuring, "Appreciation Connection", "Personal Magnetism" and "Evolutionary Leadership."


Thriving at the Speed of Change

The four keys to finding harmony in chaos. Life is about growing up. Children role play it and adults resist it, but it is a constant and integral dynamic of the human journey and governs every living thing on our planet from the free market place to the corporate board room.

This interactive presentation explores how to thrive through the stages of the change cycle with four leadership principals that are the keys to the humanity of an organizations growth. Learn how to live and work with more focused energy and harmony with others through a greater experience of care, connection, contribution and chuckles.

Featuring the musical stylings of my talented colleague Brian Stevens on the piano. Recommended resource: ChangeCycle.com


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