Motivational Speakers and Work Performance

Many employers are discovering that one of the best tools they have at their disposal to improve employee performance is through the use of motivational speakers.


There are two ways that motivational speakers can be used to inspire employees.

The ‘In-House Hero’

If there is an employee who has worked his or her way up through the ranks and is well thought of by other employees, they can very easily become the motivational speaker.

Usually, these individuals have the confidence to take on this role even though they themselves are not professional motivational speakers.

Such an individual can share his or her story and experiences in a meeting-type setting so that all employees get the message at once.

The Out-of-Office Speaker

The other option is to bring in a professional motivational speaker who can relate to particular types of employees. For example, a speaker with a blue-collar background can relate better to blue-collar workers.

Again, by sharing adversities and telling how these were overcome in a workplace setting can inspire listeners, as they begin to relate their own circumstances with the speaker.

Knowledge and Experience

Ideally, the motivational speaker will be able to relate to the specific industry that the employees work in.

A connection between the speaker and workers must be established. Otherwise, no matter what the speaker shares with them, the workers will not be able to relate to it.


A good speaker will also be able to identify the different perceptions that employees have. These differing perceptions can then be addressed.

The speaker can motivate employees at their place of work by relating to them, encouraging them (usually by sharing success stories), and changing their way of thinking.

All this can be reinforced by bringing in different motivational speakers, all of whom have their own unique ways of inspiring employees.