Chuckle This Out!

Laughter Yoga Intro - 9 Minutes

"Against the force of laughter nothing can stand." - Mark Twain

My 4 Month Old Son Laughing

"Laughter is the shortest distance between human beings" - Peter Davison

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When was the last time you had a good belly laugh? Here are the five steps if you can't remember:

1. Smile, practice this

2. Squint eyes and raise eyebrows, practice this

3. Jaw drop, practice this

Try these three all together

4. You've heard the expression laugh till ya leak, well bend like you might at the waist

Combine first 4 steps then add in step 5

5. Auditory deep laugh/cackle


Life is too short not to laugh more, life is too long not to laugh more!


Everyday unsung heroes who serve with a big heart in the face of <fill in your stressor here>  may occasionally need strategies to lighten up. The physical act of laughing is well known
for it's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits.

Laughter Yoga is a physically oriented technique that uses a blend of playful, empowering and otherwise "tension-releasing" simple laughter exercises.


Since laughter is good for your health, some people are faking it until they make it ...and reaping great benefits.  According to the principles of laughter yoga:

  • It improves blood supply to all the internal organs

  • Laughter gives a constant massage to the digestive tract

  • It stimulates blood circulation, which helps to transport nutrients all over the body and strengthens our respiratory apparatus, which supplies oxygen to the body

  • Boosting your immune system though laughter may help prevent the more than 70 percent of illnesses that have some connection to stress, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, depression etc...

  • Can also have a positive effect on mental, social and spiritual well-being.

  • Laughter creates positive energy vibrations.

  • Laughter produces endorphins, the body's naturally occurring joy juice that flushes cortisol, your stress juice.

Be the Hit at a Party, Amaze Your Friends, Wow People with the Benefits of Laughter:

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"At the Prostate Cancer Canada National Conference in Halifax I had the HONOUR of participating in a Laughter Power presentation with Peter Davison. Peter is a motivational speaker who has the rare ability to speak from the heart and tickle your funny bone. In a room of eighty people he gathered us close to him with some personal stories and then helped us drop our inhibitions. Everyone in the room followed his lead and had a great time introducing themselves to strangers amongst noises of heartfelt laughter. Peter is a master motivational speaker in bringing people together with a smile on their face and laughter in their belly."
- Gerry
Pielsticker, Chair, Oakville-Mississauga Chapter, Prostate Cancer Canada

"Peter Davison received a standing ovation for his “Living Well” closing keynote at our Parkinson’s: Moving Forward conference. His presentation was so very positive and uplifting - a fantastic way to end the conference! Delegates gave Peter one of the highest ratings of all the speakers - and they loved the red noses!! Some of the many comments included: “Excellent person to give us an entirely different viewpoint regarding the handling of our challenge”, “Brilliant mix of heart and soul,” “Very, very entertaining and light hearted. Funny and bang on with his message of living well!” I would highly recommend Peter as a speaker for any conference where participant’s need inspiration to move forward with courage."
- Diane Robinson, CEO, Parkinson Society British Columbia

"On our overall conference evaluations Peter Davison scored 115%! How do you score over 100?, because people felt compelled to check “Highly Satisfied” numerous times, and rightly so. Peter’s closing keynote was the perfect wrap up to our conference, and left people feeling energized, motivated, and appreciated. The standing ovation he received, and the smile on delegates faces at the end showed that Peter had hit the mark. I wore my clown nose all the way home to keep the positive feelings flowing. Thanks for being a very special part of one of our best conferences ever!
- Rob Frost, NSCDA Conference Chair 2011

"Peter Davison brought a unique brand of energy to his Quest for Employee Engagement presentation to our group. He had the audience laughing, cheering and even some shedding a tear of inspiration during his talk. It was a refreshing break from the business topics that our delegates had been hearing."
- Bob Elliott, President, Canadian Printing Industries Association

“Peter’s contributions to our conference were highlights of the program. His mid-afternoon laughter energy booster was so much fun and provided a wonderful counterbalance to all the sitting and mental focus involved in professional conferences. The increased energy level in the room was palpable, as was the positive shift in everyone’s mood.

Peter’s heartfelt and moving presentation on the four dimensions of living well with chronic disease was extremely powerful. Through bravely sharing his own journey, interwoven with stories, humour and inspirational quotes, Peter connected with the audience in a very special way. I am sure his words and the emotions they evoked will stay with the healthcare professionals who heard them and influence the way they interact with their patients in the future."
- Denise Connors, Manager Chronic Disease Prevention and Management, Horizon Health Network


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