How To Encourage Workers to Engage With Speakers

Many companies are now utilizing motivational speakers for a variety of different reasons. One of the most important ones is to motivate them. However, it can be difficult to get some employees to accept putting time into listening to what these professionals have to say.

Choosing the Right Speaker

To encourage enthusiasm it is important to choose the right speaker. Bringing in an outside speaker may be more appealing to an inside worker as it is something fresh. However, it has to be a speaker that is going to be able to relate to the audience he/she is addressing.

The Objectives

If there is going to be a motivational seminar then clear objectives have to be determined. This has to be determined between the speaker and management. However, it cannot change the way that a speaker would normally present themselves. The speaker will usually focus on motivation which is one of the main objectives. The speaker will often do this by sharing stories of overcoming obstacles and reaching different levels of success. The ideal scenario is when the speaker has achieved this in the same industry as what the workers are in.


Many motivational speakers will try to engage their audience. Some will do this by asking questions. Or as an alternative letting the audience ask them questions. If the company has created a good level of interest in the speaker then they are more likely to engage.

Sometimes it is much better if management does not attend these motivational events. The workers may not be comfortable asking certain questions or participating. Management has to realize that they are going through this process for the benefit of the employees, which in turn will benefit the company.

Once good success has been reached with the first motivational event this is something the company should plan on doing at least a few times a year.