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Peter at his Best at 18,208 ft
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Sherpa Porter at 12,000 ft
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"Everyone has the power for greatness, not for fame but for greatness, because greatness
is determined by service."

      - Martin Luther King Jr.

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Everest Journey: Celebrating Everyday Unsung Heroes
Celebrate and Inspire Hardworking Helping Professionals!


On the steep trails and thin air of the world’s highest mountains there is a unique kind of unsung hero role model without whom successful ascents up Mount Everest would be impossible. Sir Edmund Hillary’s first ascent of Everest in 1953 remains one of the 20th century’s greatest human achievements and made him famous, a hero, a household name. But for Hillary’s journey to succeed he counted on 350 Sherpa porters carrying 10 tons of supplies up and down the mountain for 3 months. He couldn’t have done it without them. The Sherpas are the unsung heroes, who, with little recognition or glory, dedicate their time and talents to serving a noble cause greater than themselves. Does that sound familiar where you work?

Peter believes that your leadership and employees are modern-day Sherpas. This story is about the hardworking helping professionals at “base camp” who succeed when others succeed. It’s high time to honour dedicated and under-appreciated servant leaders who give tirelessly and trust that in a small way we can make a big difference by helping our clients, customers or patients through the ups and downs of their “Everyday Everest” aspirations and challenges. Peter guides professionals on their journey with practical and innovative strategies to help “Tame the Yaks” of stress, difficult people and “stinking thinking” mindsets and a portable stress buster devices are included to help to lighten up when the going gets tough.

Themes: Adventure, Appreciation, Empowerment, Engagement, Legacy, Motivation, Pride, Purpose, Recognition, Servant Leadership, Team Spirit, Wellness

Ideal Audience: Highly sought after topic as conference closing keynote for its renewed call to go forth and serve with joy. Appreciated by hardworking front-line professionals and leaders in the people business of making a difference through compassionate and effective service and program delivery. This speech has the option to conclude with a heart-warming and uplifting closing slide show featuring conference delegates as unsung heroes. 

Who Benefits From Experiencing the Everest Unsung Heroes Speech?

This speech is recommended for hard working and under-appreciated front line staff and management in organizations who serve others, give tirelessly and deserve a moment to reflect on what matters most - doing your best, sharing the load, giving thanks and celebrating the natural highs along the way.

This is an ideal program for big-hearted helping professionals who deliver healthcare, education and other people support services in the community. Past audiences include: Middle Managers, Administration Assistants, Career Development Practitioners, Human Resources Professionals, Federal and Provincial Civil Servants, Nurses and other Health Care Professionals, Insurance Brokers, Accountants, Food Service Industry, Professional Associations, Recreation Professionals, Not for Profit Organizations, Teachers, Social Workers and Front Line Youth Workers.

Bonus Features

  • Experience an inspirational slide show celebrating Himalayan culture and the 3 values that unite humanity;

  • Discover practical advice on how to fend off the 3 YAK's of Stress, Difficult People, and Stinking Thinking that can knock you off your work/life balance;

  • Inspire a culture of appreciation and gratitude where people feel truly encouraged to do their best;

  • Celebrate the "Sherpas" and other unsung heroes that help you & your organization achieve peak performance;

  • Participant featured slide show option acknowledges the importance of conference delegates when their photos are featured in an inspirational slide show celebrating their role as unsung heroes while the song "Lean on Me" plays to remind them to go forth to do the good work with joy as they "Pay it Forward!"

Client Gratitude                      Read More Client Gratitude Here

"Peter Davison received a spontaneous standing ovation at the conclusion of his heartwarming and inspirational closing keynote speech, "Journey to Everest: The Unsung Heroes of Servant Leadership." The audience of life and health insurance claims officers attending our annual CLHIA conference appreciated the celebration of their important roles as unsung heroes, as they work diligently to make a difference in the lives of Canadians. Peter's closing slide show featuring our participants and inspiring visuals made the keynote address a great success and a wonderful closing high note."
- Irene Klatt, Vice President, Health Insurance, Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc. (CLHIA)


"Peter's speech "Journey to Everest: The Unsung Heroes of Servant Leadership" received a standing ovation at the Atlantic Psychiatric Conference. Peter's warm and easy-going manner conveyed a respectful and approachable interaction with participants. His recognition that each of us are daily climbing our own Everests and making a difference in helping others on their path of life left one with enthusiasm and purposefulness towards their challenging jobs. Peter's inspirational speech is what every individual needs in this ever- changing world."
- Maria Ward, Organizer, Link 2006 Atlantic Psychiatric Conference


"Peter delivered his keynote speech "Journey to Mount Everest" and tied it into our conference theme "Navigating the Tides" a conference for workers in the pension and benefits industry.  His unique blend of humility and passion was shown throughout his power point presentation. The presentation included photos Peter had taken of our delegates during the conference as well as photos from his journey to Mount Everest. His speech was uplifting as well as inspiring and the theme "unsung heroes of servant leadership" very well presented how we are all heroes in the work we do and that we are an inspiration to those we serve.  Bravo Peter!"
- Sharon Santalucia, Conference Chair, Canadian Pension and Benefits Institute, Atlantic Chapter


"Peter received a standing ovation from the 300 WorkSafe NB professionals who had the pleasure of experiencing his "Journey to Everest: Celebrating Unsung Heroes" presentation. Beyond the laughter, inspirational stories and interactive activities, Peter reminded us all that what we do really makes a difference to the health and safety of countless people in our province."  
- Edith Savoie, Human Resources Director, Worksafe New Brunswick

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