Who are Everyday Unsung Heroes?

Everyday unsung heroes at work are helping professionals who deliver services, programs or patient care with a big heart. They can be unnamed or unknown to the end beneficiary of the support and help. While some individuals in the group may receive recognition from service beneficiaries, their support team and managers go assumed. Everyday heroes are found in high demand, high stakes or change intensive roles and are susceptible to burnout. They can also occasionally "lose the plot" as to the bigger picture of how what they do makes a difference to the greater good.

One clear example of everyday heroes would be laboratory technologists who toil 24/7 supplying timely test results in order for health professional to take informed action to heal and save lives. Peter's client list is "who's who" of everyday heroes at work and represents a diverse and broad spectrum of occupations and specialities in all sectors of the workforce. 

In What Career Sectors Do Everyday Unsung Heroes Work?


The business case for investing in your people is simple: Happy, devoted and earnestly skilled professionals stay longer and serve better. They are easier to manage* and your organization's street reputation builds as THE place to get results and THE place to work. Assess Your Hero Culture Today - Download 7 Minute Engagement Audit Here

To explore adding value to your AGM, staff recognition event or all-force / team training with speeches, webinars, lunch and learns or customized training, Contact Peter Today ►   Clients & Testimonials

* reducing time and money costs associated with absenteeism, disengagement, presenteeism, low productivity, covert and overt conflict, reduced morale, resistance to change, etc..


As a former provincial public servant, Peter is honoured to offer speeches and training to revitalize and engage public servants who carry out the nations/provinces business. He has worked with many departments and agencies, including the federal Managers Community in 5 regions as well as heath and school boards.

To explore staff and management programs to revitalize and inspire everyday heroes in public service, align with policy roll-outs and rekindle pride in their positive role in our democracy, Contact Peter Today ►   Clients & Testimonials

Professional Association Conferences

As event planners, my success on the platform is your success. Our goal is to efficiently work together to bring programs that align to the event theme and exceed delegates expectations for meaningful and practical content.    Note: My per diem fee structure allows for delivery of a keynote and breakout session on the same day for no extra fee. It's like getting a two for one speaker!   Clients & Testimonials

Contact Peter Today ► or, if you prefer to work through a speakers bureau, then may I suggest one of my top three: Limelight, Speaker's Spotlight, Prospeakers or ask to book me at a bureau of your choice.

Non-Profit Organizations

Peter has been a leader in several community-based agencies in the voluntary sector and appreciates how precious the budget is for everyday hero professional development. He also reserves talks each year for pro bono work with charities and health research foundations who would rather put hard solicited funds directly into programs or research. Peter recognizes that staff at these organizations may be the most underappreciated of all.

Please Contact Peter Today ►to determine how your organization may be eligible for a discount or pro bono fee rate.


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