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Engaging People for Service Excellence
Maximize the Culture of Human Potential!

GETTING RESULTS - Your Return on Investment

The business case and your return on investment from deepening your employee's engagement is simple: Happy, devoted and earnestly skilled professionals stay longer and serve better. They are easier to manage* to manage and your organization's street reputation builds, for your customer, as THE place to get service and results and, for your employees, as THE place to work and grow. 

* reducing time and money costs associated with absenteeism, disengagement, presenteeism, low productivity, covert and overt conflict, reduced morale, resistance to change, etc..

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Have you seen something like this before? I was sitting in the parking lot of a popular coffee shop chain store. Three employees ended their shift in close succession. The first one out the door noticed the discarded coffee cup beside the garbage can and walked past. The second employee to leave kicked the cup. The third employee bent down, scooped up the litter and deposited the crumpled cup into its proper place.

Q. Who would you rather have on your team? Hint: Who needs less managing?
A. The employee that acts with discretionary effort.
Q. Can this be taught? A. Yes!                   

THE RESEARCH - What We Know About the Challenges

The Financial Burden
Download Costs of Employee Disengagement & Withdrawal Research Report

The Pervasiveness of the Problem
Download the Towers Perrin Global Study                  Download the Hay Group Report on Engagement

Employee engagement can be defined as "a heightened emotional connection that an employee feels for his or her organization, that influences him or her to exert greater discretionary effort to his or her work*".

*Towers Perrin Global Workforce Study (2007), the largest of its kind, identifies the drivers of attraction, retention on
and engagement through the eyes of employees at mid-sized to large organizations worldwide. Summary results of surveying over 88,000 workers in 18 countries:

Engaged: 21%
- providing full discretionary effort, with scores approaching 100% on all three components of engagement: rational, emotional and motivational.
Enrolled: 41% - partly engaged. They know what to do and tend to get the work done (higher scores on rational and motivational aspects), but they are not connected emotionally^, which is why they're not truly going the "extra mile" with discretionary effort.
Disenchanted: 30% - partly disengaged. Their scores are significantly lower on all three components of engagement, but dramatically lower on the emotional connection^.
Disengaged: 8%
- completely disconnected rationally, motivationally and emotionally. The managers nightmare.

THE SOLUTIONS - Transforming Theory/Research into Best Practises for Management and Employees

Note "Emotional Connection" is the key driver. Helping people bring greater heart to life and work has been my specialty since 1985. I invite you to explore 7 strategies that can bring a heightened emotional connection to your workforce or team.
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The following key strategies explore universal themes that appeal to all generations in the workforce with practical knowledge, skills and particularly attitudes needed to deepen engagement and maximize the culture of human potential for greater individual, organizational and community prosperity.

  • WELLNESS: Promote Healthy Choices

  • BELONGING: Celebrate What Unites Us

  • RECOGNITION: Appreciate Virtues of Character

  • TRUST: Strengthen Team Harmony

  • RESPECT: Resolve Conflict

  • PERSPECTIVE: Employ Open-Minded Attitudes

  • SERVICE: Activate Talents to Make a Difference 


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