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Energizing Professionals - 4:08 minutes

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"Peter's message was thought provoking and left our participants feeling energised and most importantly valued. His delivery of the Energise Your Work program was funny and a great addition to our forum.  Peter is truly a gifted speaker with the charisma of making everyone feel like he is talking to them personally. 
I would recommend Peter to anyone who asks! "

Jaime McKeown,  Canada Revenue Agency

"Our members who participated i
n Peter Davison's "Energize Your Work" seminar came away rejuvenated and empowered with simple and effective tools to help them boost their energy levels and regain a positive outlook on their work, having embraced his message that it is important to look after themselves before they can give of themselves to others."

- Kendra Gunn, Executive Director, P.E.I. Nurses' Union

"Peter's "Energize Your Work" presentation was a great addendum to our staff's Annual General Meeting.  We were impressed with his ability to customize and incorporate his message to our specific corporate culture. He provided practical ideas for taking care of our personal 'current affairs', to enable us to have improved safety, greater staff participation
and a happier work place."
- Gail Virgin, Saint John Energy

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Energizing Helping Professionals
Manage Your Energy, Transform Your Results!


Organizational performance is individual performance. Successful people who excel at energy management perform at peak potential while maintaining balanced and focused dedication to the best in self, others and the results. We will explore fun ways to live and give with gusto through delicious mastery of the four dimensions of energy.

This energizing speech encourages big-hearted professionals who believe that the ultimate result of focused energy and increased zeal for their labours is not only greater quality service for the clients, customers or patients but also more energy at the end of the day, from the up-feeling of a job well done, to take home and share with their family. Everyone has an instrument to bring to our vast orchestra of humanity, play strong! Bonus: Each participant will receive a comprehensive learning guide, a hearty dose of laughter and training on safely deploying a portable stress buster device.

Themes: Communication Skills, Life-Work Balance, Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Lifestyles, Motivation, Productivity, Self-Leadership, Service Excellence, Stress Management, Wellness

Ideal Audience: Ideal speech to pump up hardworking professionals and dedicated achievers seeking more passion to take them from good to great in everything they do. Appreciated by exhausted and stressed front-line professionals and managers who may have "lost the plot" and by leaders who value rewarding their people for a change, challenge or initiative accomplished.

Program Objectives and Benefits: Exploring the 4 Dimensions of Energy

1. Physical Dimension - Balance, Harmony and Gusto
Your days are your life in miniature. The quality of your bodies vibration determines the quality of your energy, the quality of your energy affects your capacity to help others. Your capacity to serve others determines the quality of the legacy you leave. Explore real-world, roll up your sleeves skill sets to fully replenish the big three energy sources: food, exercise and sleep with guilt-free discipline and more harmony so you can truly enjoy everyday with greater vitality. Bonus: Instructions to safely deploy a portable stress buster device included.

2. Emotional Dimension - Interconnectedness From Me to We
As blood is to life, communication is to living. You will learn to be a "Yes, and..." person and to reinforce gifts of character to dramatically increase recognition, appreciation and trust. Our choices in relationships with others affect our "way of being" and our capacity to inspire trust. You will learn to dissolve resistant tension, see people as people, and be in right relationship with family, coworkers and clients/patients You will achieve more peace of mind and better results by creating and maintaining quality connections as you choose. When close, laughter's inevitable.

3. Mental Dimension - Employ Open-Minded Attitudes
Our attitude determines our altitude and our mindsets determine how we cope with stress, manage change, engage problems, judge others and foster creativity. Learn the 10/90 principle and the attitude of gratitude to move in the direction of your most dominant thoughts and redirect creative tension and make stress energy work in your favor so you can thrive, rather than just strive in life and work?  Attitude is contagious, let's make yours worth catching.

4. Spiritual Dimension - Alignment to the Greater Good

How people derive fulfillment from serving the greater good is alive within this dimension. This is the heart of what drives volunteerism. Leaders who encounter the "me first" culture of entitlement at work will learn tools to boost the culture of human potential and reclaim greater responsibility for career paths and willingness to serve. Those who embrace the ethic that what you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others will routinely surpass customer service and performance expectations.

Who Would Rock if They Attended:
This seminar will benefit any hardworking leaders, managers or professionals who:

         Work thru challenges and seek tools convert chaos to order.

         Value effectiveness and desire improved communication and focus that encourages self and others.

         Feel under-appreciated and seek greater certainty, confidence and respect in relationships.

         Seek innovative and effective ways to attract more positive outcomes and results

         Desire work/life balance and want more energy to bring home at the end of the day


This presentation is offered in a variety of formats including lunch and learns, half or full day training seminars and conference break-out sessions. Participants will explore the 4 dimensions of invigorating human energy in the context of boosting happiness and productivity at work with applications to enhancing the quality of their personal life. Content may be custom designed to address specific pain, passion or priorities unique to your organization and to resonate with various audiences serving in the corporate sector, public service, professional associations and non-profit organizations.

Workshop bonus features may include a dynamic power point slide show with quotes, humor and video, low-skill participant involvement and team challenge initiatives. Fun "take aways" may include a full-color inspirational success quote card, a virtues of character recognition card, a portable stress buster device (red foam clown nose) and a
comprehensive participant's learning guide to boost the transfer learning.

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