The Invitation - October 2010

I am excited and honoured to share with you a sacred place where dreams really do come true. This magical and majestic location with the manifesting power is the Mussenden Temple in County Derry, Northern Ireland.

April 2005 - While standing in this windswept Romanesque temple inspired by passion, I dreamed of returning with the woman I loved to uncover the marriage proposal I felt moved to slip under a floor stone -- and I didn't even have a girlfriend at the time! I returned with Andrea exactly 2 years to the day. We were married July 7, 2007, and yes, at 7pm.

On May 1, 2008 I returned to commit more dreams to a piece of paper under a stone. Among them: "babies to love" and financial freedom. Both of these have come true with unbelievable abundance and the rest are unfolding with awe inspiring clarity.

On October 2, 2010, I returned to commit yet another dream under the stone - to share the awesome manifesting power of this sacred place with others. This is your invitation. You are wholeheartedly called to journey with an amazing group of empowered Dreamweavers to Northern Ireland in the Fall of 2011. The date has been confirmed for October 8, 2011

the Amazing True Story
that Inspired the Dreamweaver Tour 2011

The Invitation Video

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The Dreams Delivered - October 2011

Dreamweavers Melissa (Nova Scotia), Gemma (England) and Peter drove to Castlerock on the North Coast of Northern Ireland on Friday, October 7 2011 to deliver dreamsheets. When we arrived at the white sand beach we were "gobsmacked" to see two complete rainbows over the North Sea. An awe inspiring beginning to our experience. The three of us hiked to the Mussenden Temple before supper. The main door was locked but that didn't deter Melissa and Gemma from finding external stone crevices in which to place their personal dreamsheets.

Eva and Sid (Nova Scotia) joined us at Friday dinner for a fantastic gourmet meal prepared by our host, Tim Chapman and family. We all toasted "Slainte" (Irish for Health) to the dreamweavers we were representing that couldn't make the trip in person. Melissa had delivered many dreamsheets from her students at the community college where she teaches in Nova Scotia. We also collected about 20 dreamsheets from participants in the "Strategies to Motivate Others" workshop Peter facilitated that Friday morning in Belfast. We drove Melissa and Gemma back to the airport later that evening.

Saturday morning Eva, Sid and Peter completed the promise to place the dreamsheets of 50 participants under the stone at the Mussenden Temple. Since the door was still closed we chose to place the dreamsheets under a rock in the deep window casement. This was the same place Peter placed his dream for children, etc., in 2008. A special event also took place for Sid and Eva. They renewed their wedding vows after 25 years of marriage.

Enjoy the video record of the trip and if you are a participant please keep us updated as your dreams become reality!

Placing the Dreamsheets Video


Let us know when and how your dreams become fulfilled and we will post them here to inspire others.

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