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"Peter's message was thought provoking and left our participants feeling energised and most importantly valued.  His delivery of the Energise Your Work program was funny and a great addition to our forum.  Peter is truly a gifted speaker with the charisma of making everyone feel like he is talking to them personally.  I would recommend Peter to anyone who asks!"
- Jaime McKeown, Coordinator of the Litigation Forum, Canada Revenue Agency, CPP/EI Appeals Division





BRAVO Engagement Programs - Custom Design
(Building Relationships And Valuing Others

Participants in BRAVO programs discover real world roll-up-your-sleeves skills for living and working with greater balance, harmony and service. Our goal is to help make a difference in peoples lives and careers by building  greater connections with self and others. Individuals turn to us when the need help to connect their head and heart in a joint venture. Organization turn to us when want to support their employees to give their best in a healthy and vibrant work environment.

Most sensible people want to go home at the end of the day feeling good about their contributions and personal interactions with colleagues and clients. They want to have enough energy at the end of the day to share with family and to enjoy the weekend.

The return on investment with BRAVO programs
is a revitalized workforce, a rededicated management group or a sales and customer service team with a new language and a new way of seeing possibilities to support each other. Each program helps people deal with a specific challenge that can distract them from doing what they love at work. These programs peel back the layers of a problem to get at the heart of the matter -- to affect lasting change, rather than merely short term symptoms patching. The result is shiny happy people giving their best everyday.

TOPIC 1: How to Energize Your Work!
 Enhancing Engagement, Performance and Retention

Successful people who excel at energy management perform at peak potential while maintaining balanced and focused dedication to the best in self, others and the results. We will explore fun ways to live and give with gusto through delicious mastery of the four dimensions of energy. Learn more..

TOPIC 2: How to Wake Up Happy!
 Your days are your life in miniature so rise and shine
Sixty percent of people sleep poorly at least 3 nights a week and we spend 1/3 of our life in bed (in an average life that's 25 years!). You are invited to gain full benefit from the truth that everyday you are born anew with fresh opportunities to do what you love with passion and purpose. The quality of your awakening determines the quality of your day, the quality of your days determines the quality of your life and your service to others. Bad sleep can impact decision making, stress coping abilities and the quality of relationships at home and work. You will learn how to prepare for a day to look forward with 7 steps to help you get up fresh and do what you love everyday.

TOPIC 3: How to Stress Smart!
 Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you think about it.
This lively presentation explores the common sense brain power needed channel creative tension and make stress work for you so you can thrive, rather than just strive in life and work. You will explore the difference between eustress vs distress and learn 5 effective low budget intervention techniques for turning chaos into order. Learn to tune into positive stress find your natural balance so you can do what you love and have more energy at the end of the day. Instant stress buster gift included.

TOPIC 4: How to Increase Team Spirit!
 What if work was play?
This experiential games program connects participants to their playful side as a catalyst for growth to enhance vitality, purpose and inspiration. For an organization this means better decisions and improved communication. For individuals it results in more peace of mind, certainty, confidence and willingness. Easy skill problem solving initiatives are used to engage everyone's hands, feet and brain to stimulate and reveal each team members unique communication style, cooperative ability and personal leadership approach. The program fuels desire to take this sense of personal power and accomplishment within a group environment back to work.

TOPIC 5: How to Deal with Difficult People for Good!
 Other people are not failed attempts at being you.
What if you could know yourself better than others know you? We will
explore profoundly simple tools to dissolve reactive energy and find harmony in all relationships so you can see people as people rather than as objects in order to create and maintain quality connections with self and others as you choose. What if you could step back from the finger pointing, cold shoulder, eggshell walking tensions that surround annoying people and discover a deeper connectedness to self and others? Your real life examples will be used to explore new ways to master an old problem. You will learn how to know yourself better than the difficult person knows you (they at least know how to get "under your skin" without your permission). You will learn profoundly simple immediate and short term tools as well as a permanent tool to dissolve reactive energy and find harmony in all relationships so you can create and maintain quality connections with self and others as you choose.

TOPIC 6: How to Talk True - Virtues at Work!
 Blood is to life as communication is to living

The main problem with communication is the assumption itís been achieved. You will learn to listen responsively, ask the right questions to clarify meaning and influence others by reinforcing their gifts of character to dramatically increase recognition, appreciation and trust.
Recognition is one of the greatest motivators and easiest way to build loyalty. What are the self-driven leadership qualities are essential to enable clients and staff to co-create a work culture of appreciation and gratitude where everyone feels encouraged to do their best? The internationally acclaimed Virtues Project offers leading-edge tools in character education for career development practitioners and management who seek innovative ways to instill life-long skills like resiliency and courage in clients and staff of all ages and abilities. This next generation in performance feedback creates a climate of interaction where individual virtues are routinely recognized and reinforced. This presentation will be of benefit if you work with challenging teams or groups; witness lack of appreciation; or are keen to integrate effective new tools into your current service offering or management style.

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