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Peter Davison is a leader in the how-to industry. As a motivational speaker, trainer and author, Peter’s action narratives — stories that inspire making changes—have helped such diverse audiences as teachers working with Los Angeles gang members, community leaders in Northern Ireland, civil servants across Canada and other everyday unsung heroes who make a difference with their time and talent. Peter is a high altitude trekker, including Mt Everest base-camp, and teaches how to “Tame Yaks” that a can knock helping professionals off their path of service to others.

Peter lives with "young onset" Parkinson's Disease, is still surprised and blessed to be a first time Dad, twice, at age 50 and has a weakness for chocolate. He has celebrated the joy of speaking and the business of making a difference since 1985 with the maxim: Go Forth, Do Good, Stay Blessed - Repeat as Necessary.

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International motivational speaker, training leader and author

Peter Davison has a mission: to help people eliminate the ‘stinking thinking’ that prevents them being the best they can be. He believes passionately if individuals can realize their potential, it’s good for them, their families, their employers, and their communities.

Peter is driven by his desire to help people work together for the greater good. His tales and tools enrich relationships, deepen employee engagement and promote productive attitudes.

He’s worked his magic with some remarkable – and diverse – audiences: from street gangs in Los Angeles, to community leaders struggling with sectarian strife in Northern Ireland, and front-line professionals and managers in corporate, public and non-profit organizations.

He drives his message home in an engaging way by showing people how they can get rid of ‘stinking thinking’. He talks about purging the chronic ‘inner-kill’ that robs them of a life of ‘inner-wealth’. If organizations don’t tackle stinking thinking and other inner-kill problems, the consequences are employee disconnection and disengagement.

His speeches and professional development programs extend far beyond increasing productivity and performance. They invite management and staff to unite, in a joint venture, to improve the health of corporations, communities, families, and individuals.

Peter's passion for empowering others began with 10 years as an inner-city schoolteacher. And he spent five years as a public servant, developing and delivering training with the Nova Scotia Family Violence Prevention Initiative.

In 1995, Peter was honored with a Global Citizen Award from the Nova Scotia Chapter of the United Nations Association in Canada for his work in promoting peace.

His expertise in healthy relationships has been featured in numerous television, radio, and print media interviews, including Oprah Magazine. He is co-author of the industry-acclaimed best-selling Healthy Relationships Curriculum, and program director of Generation XXL, a Gemini Award nominated film exploring teenage obesity.

Peter maintains the distinction of professional member status with the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), The National Speakers Association (NSA-USA) and the Global Speakers Federation.

He lives life with the same gusto and passion he brings to his speeches and workshops. He’s proud of his roots in small town Nova Scotia, Canada, and loves the outdoors. He’s trekked mountains on 3 continents. He thrives on chocolate. And the joy of his life is his young daughter Hannah.

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